Getting a single lens. Which would be more practical? 35mm or the 18-50mm zoom?

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Re: Getting a single lens. Which would be more practical? 35mm or the 18-50mm zoom?

Lawliet wrote:

I I know I'll be getting the 50-200 whenever it comes out. Until it comes out I figured I'd get the 35mm (since that would cover like 85% of my subjects)

however. I've been hearing that the 18-50 is quite sharp and quick for a zoom lens. On top of that it has a netoy style of AF that is much faster.

Faster AF and a fear of seeing a 35mm updated with the new AF innards has me a little divided.

What would your general opinion be guys? Is the new zoom really notably faster in real world perofrmance?

if the AF boost isn't huge I would much rather  slap on the 35mm since it's much more discrete.

Very good question. For me the higher optical quality and versatility (shallower DOF and lower F-number) of the Fuji primes outweighs the benefits of the 18-55mm zoom. Having said that, I am getting the 14mm and plan to get the 23mm and I have the 35mm, so I am not restricted to just one lens. Were I restricted to just one lens, I might go for a zoom just to get the benefit of having a lens that can cover 23, 35 and 55mm all in one go. What might stop me is that 18mm is not wide enough for me and I shoot a lot in doors in very low light. In the end I have survived since the XP1 first came out with the 35mm alone. My only regret is that I have been places where the 14mm would have been handy. I haven't missed the long end as much.

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