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Barrie Davis wrote:

JohnJ851 wrote:

I don't know what passover is.

I must have lived under a rock without even knowing it.

What a stupid comment.

I think you should back-off on the "stupid" remarks.

You seem to regard your not knowing what Passover is as the "normal" condition. Well, it isn't.

An educated person should know what this religious festival of the Jewish Faith is, and how it came about.

Not knowing about Passover doesn't make you stupid, just ignorant.

Really? I know what Passover is, but don't agree with your statement. Do you know every Hindu holiday? Every Muslim holiday? Every Buddhist holiday? Orthodox Christian? Zoroastrian? Jews are 0.8% of population in the US, and even less in the world. And most of them are not even religious/observant. Much more people "observe" American Idol then these holidays. No, these "festivals" are not that important, and knowledge of them is not a determinant of an educated person at all.

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