Viking River Cruise Basel to Amsterdam May 2013

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Re: Viking River Cruise Basel to Amsterdam May 2013

Personally, I wouldn't do walk around with a 24-105 on a crop (but I'm lucky to have other choices). Depending on your style it may meet your needs. If it was me, I would give serious consideration to your 16-35 and even wider if you have it. Not sure where you live normally and if you've considered that the photogenic parts of European towns will tend have an element of older / medieval buildings and narrow streets to go with them. Zooming with your feet will not always be possible. I live near Basel and that certainly holds true here, and my guess will be a similar story along the Rhine. Of course there will be open market squares and similar as well so you will not always need to go wide. Furthermore the longer reach at 105 will beĀ valuableĀ for picking out details. If it was me I would walk with my 15-85 and accept that I would miss stuff at both ends, but enjoy myself a bit more. No stress about looking after / guarding multiple lenses all day and not have a broken shoulder at the end of the week. If your 24-105 is the closest match then so be it

If you're already familiar with the type of old towns/cities you'll encounter then sorry for going on about it.

I can see a good argument for the 70-200 +TC  on the boat though and picking out details on the shore and so on if you will be doing some cruising when the light is good.

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