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Re: Remenber, the G6 is being announced in a couple of days.

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The G series seems like most Panasonics, to be a bit weak with JPEG colors so I'll need to do RAW. Was that your experience, too? The really nice thing I found with the E-PL1 was that JPEGS are great, right out of the box.

But I love the handling, flip screen and especially the EVF on the G1.

I really liked the "nature" color profile setting on the G2, and I found its colors, even in JPG, really rather good, especially in the blues and greens.  The GH2 was a tougher camera to get right, and required a lot more tweaking to get good JPGs from, but it was possible.  The GF3 I had for about a year had terrific JPGs, and I am hoping the G5 will be closer to that (by all accounts it has very good JPG color rendition.).

That being said, the Oly colors are a little warmer than the Panasonics in general, and I think it is a personal preference which one you like better.  I prefer the cooler color rendering myself, so even though the Oly jpg output is pretty impressive, I find myself gravitating to the Panasonic colors a bit more.  Oh, and the EPL1 had spectacular JPG color...I had one for a while and was quite impressed with it.  The JPG output from the EPL5 I tried out for a few days had an output that was a bit overdone compared to the EPL1's (even with the Vivid setting turned off), so they have changed things just a little since then.

The GH3 is a different animal entirely than any of its predecessors, and I am still in the tweaking mode to get the JPG output just right.  So far I have found that I prefer the Vivid color profile (unusual for me) on the GH3 for my JPG output, with a couple of the other profiles too muted for my taste. Color rendition overall is very good, and the detail is remarkable; it's just different than their previous models' output and requires different optimization.


Another thing I like about the E-PL1 is the Supermenu.

I didn't like the LX3 or the GF2. Now I need to sell them.


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