A dog or a cat?

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Re: actually jules

JulesJ wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

The toy makers Hasbro did research and asked what new bard game people would like to replace the iron. They got it right and found that more people liked cats than dogs!



(Sorry the live link inserted doesn't work on my iPad)

they have always had a Dog

Quite right, the option was to replace the iron. I think having a dog and a cat is one too many animals.

it has nothing to do with people liking cats more than dogs they just didnt see a need for two dogs.

The Iron depicted in the board game represents a time when only women toiled at ironing the families clothing....

Feminist outcry might have played a role in 'the decision' to replace 'that' Iron.

Tailoring has long been a Uni-Sexed task, but ironing was always left for the women.

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