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I suddenly have 2 copies of the P. 14-45 lens which I like a lot, although it is large like the NEX kit zoom.  This happened because I just acquired a Lumix G1, which I like a lot. Did you ever own one of these? Or anyone else here?

I have not...I had the 14-45mm, and while it is nice and sharp, I just never used it, preferring either the 14mm prime or the 14-140mm if I was going to use a zoom.  So, I just sold it.

I've never used a G1, but I did have a G2, which I also really enjoyed.  It was a very nice camera; got some good shots with it.  I would have kept it except I felt a little limited by the DR of the sensor.


Interestingly, the GH1 solved the problem with the G1/G2's limited dynamic range by replacing the 12 mp sensor with a 14 mp sensor. Although the nominal specifications still read as being 12 mp for the GH1.

Well, I got the G2 late in its product life, so instead of going to the GH1 when I upgraded, I ended up with a GH2, which I really loved, and used for a year and a half and about 15,000 shots.  I have the GH3 now, and while it is a really remarkable camera and the IQ is an entire big step up from the GH2, I am not feeling quite the love for it that I did for the GH2 yet.  We'll see how that goes  ....


The G series seems like most Panasonics, to be a bit weak with JPEG colors so I'll need to do RAW. Was that your experience, too? The really nice thing I found with the E-PL1 was that JPEGS are great, right out of the box.

But I love the handling, flip screen and especially the EVF on the G1.

I had a G1 with the 14-45 and 45-200 lenses. Really excellent kit except for the weakness of the JPEGs coming out of the 12 MPX sensor. Tried RAW but was never happy with the outcome (I'm the bloke who as a child invented putting all the paints together and getting sick brown in kindergarten).

I switched to the E-PL3, love the colors, love the quirky cam, but long for a return of the superb ergonomics of the G1. Hence I’m now looking forward to a G5 -- which appears to have much improved JPEGs.

Cheers, geoff

Yes, the E-PL1 is spectacular.

I'm going to try the Nature color profile on the G1 as per Jalywol. It's taking me a while to learn all the button locations, but it seems to be another special camera.


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