So where is the new 5d3 firmware update?

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Re: Relax already

Will T wrote:

JohnJ851 wrote:

Okay, but who did you answer, as far as I can see your reply was to me. Look at the thread.


Yes - that is how it appears.

No one.  That is why there is no quote.

Will. If you hit the "Reply" or "Reply with quote" links below someones post, you are effectively replying to them.

You can see this is the case in the header of your post, just under the post title - where it says "In reply to ..."

To post without replying to a particular person (aside from the OP, of course), you need to go to the first post and select the "Reply to thread" link.

It's no big deal, but I thought I'd just post this to help people avoid confusion in theĀ future.

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