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My favorite site. The Jewish holidays do turn off their ordering for some reason? My only complaint is thst I wish that you could order and it sat in line for when they got back not have to wait to even order. I like that someone cares enough about something that buisness isn't their master. (Is it a good business model gor everyone? No.) Overall my vote is I shop there all the time and if the holiday blocks me on a deadline adorama or amazon can have my business.

They offer up there with the best service of anyone and it is targeted to the camera world unlike amazon. So... if you have an issue question whatever I have personally found them great.   I think in THIS case quality trumps slight inconvenience (which they do warn you before holidays in advance).

Adorama is usually closed on the same days.

Yes. Also Jewish.

If the OP really doesn't know what Passover is he must have been living under a rock for most of his short life.

It's hard to believe.

I don't know what passover is.

I must have lived under a rock without even knowing it.

What a stupid comment.

I think you should back-off on the "stupid" remarks.

You seem to regard your not knowing what Passover is as the "normal" condition. Well, it isn't.

An educated person should know what this religious festival of the Jewish Faith is, and how it came about.

Not knowing about Passover doesn't make you stupid, just ignorant.

However, assuming that what you know already is enough knowledge for anybody, which is implicit in your response, well...

.... that IS very close to stupid.

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