Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance? An open discussion.

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APS-C vs Full Frame: Depth of Field

Klipsen wrote:

All APS-C does is crop.

For a given magnification at the sensor plane and a given aperture, DoF is ~ identical.
Ceterum censeo soleam calidam ISO esse delendam.

Yes, I think this was confirmed a long time ago by Bob Atkins here:

Quote from above page:

If you use the same lens on a small-sensor camera and a full-frame camera and crop the full-frame image to give the same view as the digital image, the depth of field is IDENTICAL



“Full Frame”  Cameras vs  “APS-C”  Cameras: Analysis of  the Crop  Factor  and “Telephoto  Advantage” of  an APS-C  Camera

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