SD14 memorycard problems

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Re: SD14 memorycard problems

Hi Henrik

Ok, so you see no problems when writing?

The SD14 is known for the blinkey error, (where the write indicator just blinks forever) which almost always result in one corrupt file, (and loss of subsequent images) when you drop the battery to reset the camera. The blinkey error may occure, at random, when a shot is taken before the previous is done written to the card. Camera appears to work, so in a sequence of 6 images, if no 2 goes bad, you get a corrupted no. 2, and loose 3-6.

It does not sound like this error, so I would bet on the CF adaptor. With SD14 I would never risk using SD/CF adaptor.

Also, forget the advice about formatting the card in camera. It is just a standard suggestion, used whenever there is a card or update related Sigma problem. It has no impact on anything, apart from wiping the FAT table, and put Sigma files structure in place if it is missing. It does nothing near a real formatting. I have shot 25.000+ shots on two fast Sandisk cards. One of them formatted ONCE in camera, the other never. I just delete the images, either in camera or in the computer.

The advice about a deeper formatting of the SD card is worth trying, but I think this is a HW problem.

The debugging procedure would be to try a SD card that works well in another camera. (Do a computer format of it first). If that works, next is to try another CF adaptor, known to work. If neither fix the problem, there is a camera fault.

Best is to get a CF card, and verify that that works.

motomanDK wrote:

I am beginning to have some problems with reading the pictures from my SD14.  In the session i had today, i guess that 1 out of 5 pictures couldn't be read by neither SPP or LightRoom.  SPP reported 'error 14'.

I am using SD cards (SANDisk Ultra 4Gb) in a DeLock Compact Flash Adapter - and i have made over 2000 shots with this without problems.

Any suggestions?

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Kind regards

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