LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: Photophool, please step forward.

Paalar wrote:

So you want a hot shoe for what exactly? Your Bowens studio flash? Ok. Great. You have that in your OTHER purse? With your make-up? Oh! I see! You had to take out your make up to make room? Oh, so you put it where the Compact Flash compartment used to be.. Great!

Hot shoe can be used for better external flash so we can decide about scene's lighting.

It can be used for radio emmiter to turn on flash placed where we want.

Hot she is also used for EVF attaching - very useful in sunny days.

Also we can attach optical viewfinder to it.

Fixing covererts and filters possibility also widens LX7's using range.

We do not have to think about LX7 as a pocket camera only it can be used the same way as DSLR and RX100 cannot - it is closed design for not advanced amateurs or only additional compact for DSLR/CSC owners.

And it could be OK but competiotion on that price level is very strong - very good MFT CSC's or Samsung NX pancakes set up give better quality and their range od using is much wider.

I have impression that Sony has very agressive marketing that washes customer brains.

Their arguments are "I do not need hot shoe in compact" etc.

So OK my contrargument can be I do not need 1" sensor in a compact.

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