Artistic statement or just post processing frenzy?

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Re: Artistic statement or just post processing frenzy?

Hi, I find a neutral non photographer audience is usually much more 'forgiving' and will accept / appreciate many images that a 'seasoned campaigner' w(c)ould begin to criticize.  For me personally, a picture is only 'overcooked' if an attempt to be realistic with in image was the (perceived!) intention and the final result is not.

Personally I find 'dying' flowers much more interesting as an artistic topic (than at full blume) because of the new color variations / textures that this often introduces - which lends itself to an alternative interpretation of the material. As such I much prefer the second image.

For my own personal enjoyment of an image it is the intent and the realization thereof which helps to enjoy an image - the second image has, for me, much more 'mood'.  Of course, as somebody who enjoys photography and has had many years of post processing to try and rescue all of the photographing errors a perception of the skill involved to arrive at the final result (also pp) contributes to my own personal enjoyment of an image produced by somebody else. It is in the days of 'Nik Collection' and Film Simulations, etc. etc. all too easy to throw a couple of filters over the top of an image, but even if that is 'easy', does that detract from the final result if it fits the intention and works as a final image. As AL said at the onset: 'Overcooking', just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder or to put it another way: One mans steak is another mans shoe-leather.

Thanks for posting!

(NB: In line with that interest, i now have a growing number of images of that bunch of roses I took a week ago as I track their aging and color development . . .)

Cheers, Mark

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