LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

Mikedigi wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

What I am saying is DPr's studio test scene is better controlled than any forumers can come up with. if you want IQ comparison, no forumers will provide you with better images.

If that is your belief, fine.

DPR employees using one set studio scene with very little shadow,

"Shadow" simply means areas that received less light then elsewhere. There are areas with shadows in DPR's studio test scene. for example inside the small dark glass box where there are some fluffy balls and threads.

with one set of default camera settings,

Why does that matter? This is RAW files we are talking about

and working to a stressed time schedule,

how do you know? this is their job, they do it for a living.

can produce better IQ comparisons than an experienced photographer

How do you know who is experienced?

working indoors and outdoors,

So how do you know it is controlled scene?

with no time pressure,

How do you know they dont have time pressure? They dont get paid.

with both cameras at the same time, with the detailed procedure that I have already described in this thread? Is that right?

It is right, the chance of a forumer doing a better job than DPR is very slim. you can of course disagree and continue to wait.

Re images from other Forum members, some "comparisons" have been carried out under rigorous conditions, to achieve fairness, others have not.

and based on your experience which happens more?

but DPR do not even include comparative tests with the camera with its kit lens or kit lenses.

What is the point in doing that?

This overlooks the fact that around 90% (?) of DSLR buyers only buy the camera with its it lens or with 2 kit lenses.

Where did you come up with that number? and what makes you think these people have the rigid intention of not acquiring any more lenses? and what makes you think those who have such intention bother to read reviews.

So how do DPR's tests help the prospective buyer here? My D90 just has its 18-105 kit lens, and I love it.

Clearly you didnt need DPR's help to love your D90. so whats the problem?

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