Any crop mode 12bit vs non crop 12 or14bit raws around?

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Re: wouldn't learn much

wildlifr wrote:

ajamils1 wrote:

That doesn't help me :p. I currently own GH3 and have been trying to find reasons to switch to D7100 as it looks like a great camera and has a lot more lens options (specially for birding/wildlife)...but I don't wanna lose swivel touchscreen and ease of use.

From everything that I've read online it seems like OM-D/GH3 IQ is on par with D7100/D700 but I have yet to see example of sharp pictures from OM-D or GH3 like the ones that have been posted on this forum (for example this thread )

Sorry about not helping.  But after reading your thread, I don't know why you're hesitating, even if you assume the IQ is identical (and it seems you don't and you very well may be correct). Do you really use the swivel touchscreen outdoors? I never did; either on the G2 or the E-M5. I guess the only comparison I can give is showing you the sharpest shot, IMO, that I've made with each. I do believe the D7100 shot is sharper, but I was using a much better lens.

Good comparisons Wildlifr, I think the OMD holds its own here but as you say for wildlife the Nikon is a superior system, and has better reach, in theory, which is what I was hoping to establish with some original 12bit 1.3 crop raw files, oh well.

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