LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

ultimitsu wrote:

Whatfor example, RX100's iso 280 IQ is about the same as LX7's ISO100. For a scene were  LX7 would use F1.4  1/50s iso 100, RX100 would use F1.8 1/50s, iso 165 to get the same exposure - RX100's image would have higher quality. Or the RX100 can do F1.8, 1/80s ISO 280, it would produce the same IQ as LX7 with 2/3 stop faster shutter speed.

One remark: LX7 will use F1,5 for 28 eqv.

RX100 cannot use 24 mm at all and this is much more important than quality issues you speak about.

All these comments are marginal for quality, why do you discuss them?

Do you discuss the same issues in FF vs APS-C or vs MFT comparison?

It is pointless.

The good thing when we have faster lens is we can use shorter times and low ISO to avoid noise increasing.

It is obvious that F1,4 on LX7 gives larger DOF and in some situation it is advantage.

I use also APS-C camera and when I use F2 lens I worry much if the target will be placed in DOF range. Remeber that optimal MTF setting for APS-C lens is mostly F4-6,3!!!

Wide open is worse than F1,5 from LX7!!!

TAke into the consideration big vigneting of bigger lenses - it requires very often 1-2 EV correction out of the center area in postprocessing it is the same you use ISO 3200 instead of ISO 800 and the nois egrows. I do many postprocessing from APS-C camera so I can see it very often.

Not always big sensor is good. Sometimes small sensor is the better one.

It is very good when camera with small sensor has fast, sharp and vigneting free lens.

I hope the next  LX8 or 9 wil be F1 in whole range

The small is beautiful:)

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