To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

Tastybread wrote:

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

I recently replaced my 5N with a 6 because I liked the evf and heard that the sensor could handle noise at higher iso's better. Not disappointed in the least. But lately I've been looking at full frame cameras and the level of detail they can absorb by digging through user photos on Flickr, and I am really tempted to pick one up. Specifically the Nikon D600.

My problem is, I'm having a hard time tipping the scale on what I should do, and thought maybe the community here could share some thoughts that could help me make a dicision. Keep the NEX-6, or sell the lot and pick up the D600?

Main reasons I love the NEX-6
Prefer the layout of controls.
Love and utilize the tilting screen a lot.
Love the wireless trigger app
The focus peak feature
Not huge, but like and use the smile shutter
Image quality
Above all, the size. I have no inhibitions taking my camera everywhere I go.

Reasons I'm interested in the D600
I love low light situations but hate noise.
The image quality is overwhelmingly tempting. So much detail.

I do hate the size however.

I know this seems more favorable towards the nex, but I love the look of photos taken with full frame cameras and don't know when sony will release a FF NEX. But I wonder if I'll take fewer photos because the size of the nikon seems so cumbersome.

Sorry if this seems like a pointless discussion, but I've been circling this decision for a while now and was wondering if any other NEX enthusiats had some thoughts on the matter. Any opinion would be hugely appreciated.

I feel ya, man, I feel ya.... I often find myself lurking at camera tech sites, reading specs, sample images and reviews of FF cameras and more often than not, my fingers itch to grab the cc# and order one of these FF beauties.

Here is what has been holding me back from upgrading my 5N:

1. A FF body alone is useless, and  potentially substantial investments in good glass would have to follow if you want to reap the benefits of FF sensor resolution and low light capabilities. Even the D600, when paired with a mediocre and slow kit lens, would lose quite some of its IQ advantage it would normally have over an APS-C camera.

2. I was particularly tempted to get the D600 because of its affordable cost, but I stepped back when I read a huge number of user complaints across the web about gradual oil and dust contamination of the sensor and the need to wet-clean the sensor fairly frequently.

3. Even a FF camera will NOT magically generate superior images by itself. I realized that my photography skills are still far too low in order to be able to make FULL use of the IQ adantages of a FF camera. So I ultimately decided to keep the 5N for a while and improve on my skills instead. Perhaps if I win one of the dpreview photo challenges, some time in the distant future,  perhaps then I might re-consider my stance and feel skilled enough for a FF camera.

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