Does anyone care about moire?

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Re: Does anyone care about moire? YES. at every ISO, not just base ISO in 'bright light'

sigala1 wrote:

Camera makers finally got the message. They always got dinged for having a resolution-destroying optical-low-pass filter, but no reviews ever say anything bad about moire. So Nikon finally decided to give the reviewers what they really want, although if you look at most new cameras, the OLPF is very weak and most current DSLRs make moire on this coin. The E-M5 hardly has any moire, so I included that as a comparison.

E-M5 has plenty of moire; it's all a matter of in-camera processing (or lack thereof)

it's not enough to rely solely on the lowest ISO for shooting, one has to include higher ISOs beyond 'base' ISO of 100/200.

I personally would prefer slightly less resolution and no moire.

agree, at any/every ISO, if possible

all the better if JPEGs created in-camera turn out better than RAWs pp offline

Comparison with dSLR/dcam exemplar benchmarks for reference:


ISO 12800: 5DMkIII (FF dSLR) vs PowerShot G1X vs D7100 (APS-C dSLR) vs OM-D E-M5 (mft)


ISO 12800: 5DMkIII (FF dSLR) vs PowerShot G1X vs D7100 (APS-C dSLR) vs OM-D E-M5 (mft)

if you can pp your RAWs to eliminate moire, great; but if you cannot retain as much details as the camera can do with JPEGs in-camera, what's the point of RAW??? this should apply EQUALLY to ANY ISO, no matter whether LOW or HIGH to allow for maximum flexibility in shooting conditions of 'any' light, bright or dim. moire 'matters' in all conditions, just as much as retaining details, minimizing loss of details through heavy NR or heavy PP.

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