Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

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Re: Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

Ok it has been a year or 2 of trying the Comet CBIII 2400 vs Zeus 2500 vs Dynalite 2000 vs Speedotron force 10.  AND Love the Zeus 2500 and Force 10. The Zeus is just great at 11lbs it is perfect there is no variation in color as you dial it down, and it never fails, I got 2 of them. They are plastic and can be dropped.  recycle time is ok at 2.5 seconds at full and you can use Dynalite 2040 heads which are only 3 lbs.  So yehhh!

The dynalite will burn  a resistor and just smoke  if you hit  the flash before it finishes its 2 second recycle time, The comet has a fail safe  preventing you form doing this.  So with the comet if you hit the flash before the 4 second recycle it just beeps and needs to be reset.  That just ends up taking ages to do a shoot. Just hated the Comet CB III 2400, Just stupid. So I sold it.

The Speedotron Force 10 is really a work of genius.  It is 10lbs on the stand but it is almost as bright as a 2500 pack and head.


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