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Re: studio lights

Sailor Blue wrote:

I know ABs aren't perfect - you do get some small color shifts with time and power adjustments and you have to use about 1/160 sec shutter to properly sync. They are, however, very reliable work horses.

You have personal experience of their reliability?

Speaking as a past user:

Well they are rather primitive by any modern standard. And while the accessory mount may be more maligned than warranted, the Balcar mount is not great. The colour temperature may be no worse or better than any other voltage regulated light, but as with any slide control, it is prone to exaggerated error as it ages and carbon builds up on the contact. An analog slide with no read out, yes I too remember the 1980s.

They are compact, light weight, robust, and in the US, relatively inexpensive. But they have little going for them elsewhere in the world. Once you introduce a distributor and a retailer, and a parts chain going back through that track, they lose most of what makes them special - they are cheap because they are factory direct.

Brian A

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