Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance? An open discussion.

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Re: Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance? An open discussion.

VirtualMirage wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

VirtualMirage wrote:

Well, if the APS-C is set to F/1.4, the Full Frame will need to be set to F/2.2 for a similar depth of field.

What if you do the same test in reverse where the APS-C needs a similar depth of field as the full frame?

So, for instance, you need a lens on APS-C to provide similar depth of field as the 24-70 f2.8 or the 50 f1.4 or the 24 f2 shot wide open.  Would you have a lens that could do it, and if so, how would the test results look?

For a 50mm equivalent you would need around a 35mm lens that can do F/1.

For a 24mm equivalent you would need a 16mm lens that can do either F/1.2 or F/1.4.

For a 24-70mm equivalent you would need a 16-50mm that can do around an F/1.8 or F/2.

But enough of that...

I am afraid you, too, might be missing my point and trying to make it out showing the current impossibilities of the APS-C. That wasn't what this was about nor was it about discrediting the Full Frame.

My original post, as well as the many after yours, all mentioned that Full Frame has its place and there are advantages it can do that the APS-C cannot.  I won't bother revisiting the rest of my explanations since I have done so several times already.  I just ask that you reread it as well as my subsequent posts and you might better understand what the thread was originally about and its intentions.


"The relation of depth of field to focal length equivalents and their effects on required ISO when matching or exceeding shutter speed"

I'm not sure how I missed the point.   It seems like you presented your post as a discussion about the above but now only want to discuss the topic when it benefits APS-C.   It doesn't seem that productive to discuss only the advantages of APS-C because well....  hopefully, you would just buy an APS-C camera.  Discussing both the pros and cons of full frame and APS-C as it relates to your topic would be more productive (at least to me).

The title of your post was "Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance?"  How would assuming that someone would want more depth of field be accurate?  IMO, an accurate discussion would cover the possibility of both scenarios. 

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