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Re: But why?

David, I'm so glad you replied! I appreciate the time you took to clarify your initial response to my photo.

#1 No I wasn't kidding. I and others love vintage neon signs. Mundane? Maybe, but a lot of great photos are mundane and pedestrian. P.S. I wouldn't call this a great photo, just a slice of a day in life. Plus, the tagline "save on meat" is priceless.

#2 Sometimes

#3 There is some back story on this pic. This was taken in the Eastside of downtown. An area of boarded up buildings, junkies, tweakers, street drunks, you name it. It is a part of town most would avoid. But I'm drawn to it for the gritty, urban oasis that it is with lots of photo ops.

The last time I was there this building was boarded up and had been for a long time. I wish I would of shot it the last time I was there. Now, the area is becoming gentrified and this old grocery store is now home to a diner and meat store.

Again, David, I loved your critique. Makes it worth posting photos here!



morepix wrote:

ToneM wrote:

David, thanks for having a look! I'm not sure I know what your comment means.

OK, I owe you that (though I wish I didn't). Here's the logic:

  1. The photo didn't do much for me. It was so mundane, I wondered at first if you were kidding.
  2. I sometimes think the comments on those weekly theme threads, and photo postings generally, are complimentary with the intention of being supporting, but at the expense of offering something constructively critical.
  3. I thought you might be having a similar reaction and might be posting an image that you didn't really care for much, simply as an experiment to to see if it drew compliments you felt were less than deserving.

That's about it. It seems I was wrong. Apparently other viewers found something in the image that turns them on -- or at least have said they do.

I hope that's not too convoluted. It's more direct than I feel comfortable with saying to you. I do not aim to be unkind, please believe me. But I, for one, would welcome suggestions for improvement in the things I post.

So, what can I say: nice retro neon?

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