a57 v d5100 for first DSLR

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Leonard Migliore wrote:

Fat Dragon wrote:

To help a layman out, would this test indicate differences in actual ISO levels between various cameras, or simply a different approach to metering in the SLT as compared to an SLR or incident light meter?

Most recent Sony sensors are "ISOless', meaning that their noise levels do not depend on the selected ISO. So all the test indicates is the level of amplification of the sensor signals to produce a specific brightness level on a JPG. Which is something only of significance to the sensor electronics designer and his priest.

I'm probably missing a lot of knowledge here, but it sounds to me like you're saying that I could shoot my girlfriend's A57 at ISO 6400 with the same noise level as ISO 100. Since my girlfriend is slow to pick up the basics of exposure (she insisted on an SLR but in her heart she wanted a point-and-shoot that doubles as a status symbol), I've got a lot of shots on file that she took at higher-than-necessary ISOs, and my untrained eye suggests that they're a lot noisier than the low-ISO shots we've gotten from the camera.

Or maybe you mean that the ISO is essentially a function of the image processor, in which case more processing (i.e. higher ISO) introduces more noise. I don't think the problem is your ability to communicate the idea, but my ability to understand it, since my camera-speke (Photographese?) is pretty basic.

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