Does the newly announced D800 firmware work for you?

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Re: Still not satisfied

Karl Persson wrote:

You are wrong. Different monitor gain, aperture doesn´t change.

You are right - pressing OK does not change the aperture.  I tried to find information in the manual on what the OK button is supposed to do - but no luck, as far as I can tell Nikon has created an undocumented feature.

However, in LV + Manual exposure mode the lens is stopped down to the aperture you select, so you can zoom in and get an accurate look at DOF and focus for the aperture you have selected.

How this worked before the FW update, I don't exactly know; but as things stand now it seems that LV can be used to check focus for the aperture you select, and you can change the aperture while in LV by using the sub-command dial.

As to trap focus - I'm with you - there is no reason for Nikon to have removed this feature, and no reason for them not to make this an option with a FW update.

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