Apple craps are way overpriced

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Re: Apple craps are way overpriced

DVT80111 wrote:

My wife is asking for an Apple Macbook. She has been using her iPad3 to do iMovie edition, and she has outgrown its capability.

The cheapest Macbook Pro with an i5 core, Intel graphic, 1280x800 resolution, 4GB of ram, 4.5 lbs is $1099 refurb price.

I can get a new Window ultrabook for less than $800, and she can use Adobe Premier.

But she wants iMovie, sh.

You admit she has outgrown the capability of her ipad, yet you want to buy her an ultrabook with less capability?

If you are willing to purchase Adobe Premier, spend the money on hardware that can maximize its capability. You could even go a step further and spring for a MBP + Final Cut Pro.

Bear in mind that both FCP and Premiere utilize GPU acceleration, which will greatly improve productivity.

Video editing is one of THE most taxing applications you can do on any system. This is the reason professionals use dual-CPU workstations with gobs of RAM and extremely powerful GPUs.

IOW, don't skimp for video editing. Buy the best and you'll only cry once!

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