Can a 600EX-RT work as master with a Yongnuo YN560-II as slave?

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Re: Can a 600EX-RT work as master with a Yongnuo YN560-II as slave?

ScratchDisk wrote:

Hi, S2 mode, driving a remote slave, (Nissin calls it SD mode) will work with/from a single camera mounted (or ETTL cord mounted) ETTL Speedlite - some of the time. I would not rely on it.

Using your T4i's pop-up controller is a different thing. If you are then using Canon Wireless Light/IR type to both control (FEC) & trigger your off-cam 420Ex, then S2 will hardly ever work, as Canon Wireless uses a more complex coded pre-flash signal.

Not so.

The Yongnuo flash units are made to work properly if you use E-TTL, and it doesn't make any difference if the E-TTL flash is a built-in flash, a camera mounted one like a 430EX II, 580EX II, or a 600EX-RT, or if the E-TTL flash is off-camera and connected to the camera by an E-TTL cord.

Basically in the S2 mode the YN-560-II ignores the E-TTL pre-flashes then it fires when the main flash occurs a short time later. | Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II Manual Flash (new upgraded ‘mark II’ version)

Having said all that, I totally agree with ScratchDisk that you would be ignoring all those not so wonderful E-TTL features of the Canon flash units if you used a 600EX-RT in combination with the YN-560-II, and you should be doing this.

The only time any brand of TTL is useful is when the flash to subject distance is constantly changing, and then the exposures will only be correct a small percentage of the time.

Every time the ratio of subject to background in the image changes the TTL exposure will change.  Every time the subject's clothing or background changes the TTL exposure changes.  You wind up having to tweak the exposure in camera and in post processing for almost all TTL images.

When you are doing off-camera flash work with a fixed subject to flash distance you don't want the exposure changing every time you change the ratio of subject to background or the subject's clothing or background changes. You want to be working in full manual mode - both camera manual exposure mode and manual flash power mode.  That way you will get consistent exposures and save yourself a lot of effort and time in post processing.

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