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Re: Gonna use any lights?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

From the lenses you've listed, it appears that you want to photograph children indoors without flash. This is hard to do because they move quite quickly. So if you're using f/1.2 there's a good chance you won't get them in focus. Even if you nail focus, there's not much depth of field so a lot of pictures look strange.

You could well get better results using an accessory flash or monolights at a cost comparable to or less than that of the lenses you're looking at. Your 24-105 would be completely adequate for this.

I have to disagree, based on my experience. I have been photographing my children since their birth, now the oldest is 5. I shoot indoors.

I have found that the best way to shoot is without flash, at wide apertures. I bought a 85 L for this purpose and it was super expensive, but worth it to me. Most of my keeper shots are at 1.2 to 1.8, I am happy with results.

The kids move, but they are not frenetic continuous motion. They of course are always playing, but tend to move to a spot and play there for just enough time to catch them for candid portraits.

And I have found that using flash is actually more of a challenge. No problem with on camera flash of course, but results with that technique are not great. When I try to get better results by placing a speedlite off camera, they never end up quite where I expect them to be.

This was shot at 1.4:


Thank you for you advice!
I have tried 85 1.2 at showroom, but it is a bit heavy and slow for me, also, my home is small.
Your photo is nice, the focus is clear!
You handle the lens well!

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