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Albert Ang wrote:

richj20 wrote:

I've always felt that most any lens can do a pretty good job photographing people, depending on various factors, such as the  background -- which you can't always control with candid opportunities, in which many of my photographs are taken.

The lighting and the object matter too

Yes, numerous factors come into play. In setting up a session to photograph someone, we can usually control the lighting and background. But in candid situations, this isn't always possible, such as the photograph of the man with hat and sunglasses @150mm: he is sitting in a boat getting ready to dock, with the light hitting him directly on the face -- not the best of lighting! -- but he liked the pose/expression (I do also).

I like the shot @150mm. But it has nothing to do with the lens focal length, it's the soft light (I presumed it's on a cloudy day) and her wonderful expression which make the photo.

You are correct. This was also candid, hand held. She (a neighbor) looked to the side watching a cat on the sidewalk, and as she smiled, I clicked.

- Richard

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