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Ed B wrote:

JohnJ851 wrote:

Are you suggesting that non religious people should learn different religious customs because we wanna buy on a website?

If I can't buy from a website because they have some religious holiday I just wait till they open again.

It's pretty simple.

As I said above I'm not interested in religion.


A lot of world history centers around religion. There aren't many Jewish people in Australia (less than 100,000) but did you know that other than Israel, Australia is the only country in the world whose founders include Jews?

I'm probably not considered very religious but I have to admit that I think religion and how it's affected the world is very interesting.

You simply can't be exposed to world history without being exposed to religion.

Yes I know and you're right - BUT from knowing of religion and how much trouble it cause around the world is different from knowing holidays for each religion.


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