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imagethemomentstudios wrote:


thanks for advice.

are these ones any good??


My first thought is that I would chose the Bowens lights since I have heard a bit too much about poor service from Elinchrom lately. Unfortunately this kit has been discontinued.  It has been replaced by the Bownen's gemini 400RX kit with a built in RF system for remote power control and triggering.

The umbrellas with the Bowens kit are a good size but remember that you have less light control with stray light with umbrellas than with softboxes.  Changing to softboxes and adding RF triggers would increase the cost quite a bit.

Look for the new Bowen's gemini 400RX kit.  Here is the B&H link so you can see what is in the kit.

B&H - Bowen's gemini 400RX Kit

The Elinchrom kit does has a RF system which allows remote control of strobe power and triggering.  The  softboxes are nicer than umbrellas for stray light control but these are only big enough for head and shoulder shots.  You would need larger ones for even waist up shots let alone standing portraits.

I recommend softboxes over umbrellas unless you are money limited.  A nice choice for a main light softbox is one in the 3'x5' (90x150 cm) size range since it works horizontally for waist up or head shots of 1 to 3 people (5 if in 2 rows) and vertically for standing shots.  The fill light can have the same softbox, a 24" (66 cm) softbox, or an umbrella.

The bottom line is either system will probably do you fine so pick the one you like best.  You might try negotiating the price of lights plus different softboxes and/or umbrellas.

i don't like alien bee flash tried them while ago and they were not that good

I know ABs aren't perfect - you do get some small color shifts with time and power adjustments and you have to use about 1/160 sec shutter to properly sync. They are, however, very reliable work horses.

What was your problem with them?  Please elucidate to help others understand.

thanks for all your help

I'm just repaying all those who helped my by helping others.

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