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Re: Keep in mind guys

alexisgreat wrote:

When the 2/3 format sensor at 8 mp first came out there was a lot of complaints about its levels of noise and how 8 mp was too much for that size sensor (before that we had 2/3 format 5 mp sensors which were better like in the Nikon CP5000 and 5700)..... it's older tech and we've gotten better since then, and actually the sensor that came out after that, the 1/1.8 format 7 mp sensor was actually BETTER even if it was a little smaller...... it was one of the reasons I bought the C-7070 rather than the C-8080 although the latter had the better lens the C-7070 had a sensor with a lower noise level.  Size isn't the only thing which matters here.

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To me the solution is put a APS-C sensor on bridge camera.

The ideia is simple:

At Wide angle we have a good IQ.

At full zoom, 1000mm, 1200mm or 1700mm, the projected image uses a small area in sensor, maybe 1/2". So in this way we have both great features in one cam: IQ and Super Zoom.

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