Upgrade from D300 for a poor college student?

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Re: Upgrade from D300 for a poor college student?

I never said otherwise. The point of contention with ultimitsu revolves around comparing the performance of a DX body and a very good lens (say, the D300 and 17-55, since the OP seems to have both of those already) to an FX body and a more modest lens.

In the second case, ultimitsu first suggested comparing to a D600 and a 24-85VR. I agreed that combination would probably have better IQ, but suggested the improvement came mostly from the doubling of the megapixel count, and not from the merits of FX over DX.

Ultimitsu then referenced DxO ratings to try to show that an FX body with the same megapixel count wins over a DX body. But that begs the question of whether the difference between FX and DX, given a fixed sensor resolution, is big enough to allow an inferior/ cheaper lens to be used - say, using the 17-55 on the D300 and the 24-85VR on the D700. I don't think FX makes enough difference, at least in the case of D300 vs. D700, that the combination of D700 and a cheaper lens could still be considered an "upgrade."

This is relevant to the OP because he was originally thinking of going from a D300 to a D700, but didn't have the budget to afford "good" FX lenses.

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