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Re: Color managment - Please sticky if worthy

Hugowolf wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

So far as I know, printers are only ever profiled, not calibrated, but I stand to be corrected on this.

Actually, users of Canon wide format (24 inches and wider) printers talk about calibrating the printer as a separate process to profiling paper on the printer. I don't use Canon printers, so I don't know what this entails.

Unlike Epson printers, Canon wide format printers have user replaceable heads. Perhaps what they are talking about is head alighnment, but perhaps not.

Brian A

Is I am not mistaken, I believe that refers to the ability of the IPG printers ability to actually save paper specific settings such as level of ink density, thickness, surface and just about anything that pertains to that paper. You can run an ink optimization print to determine the correct ink amount or intensity for a specific paper, and all other parameters.

What makes this special is that unlike Epson printers, you can then save those settings as a actual paper choice with the actual papers name.

Normally we have to choose the closest available EPSON paper choice, that matches as closely as possible the 3rd party you are using. This of course, has nothing to do with Paper ICC profiles, only paper type settings.

Some manufacturers of fine papers will make available a file or installer for their papers ink and physical properties, which can be loaded into the Canon IPG Printer's driver.

So as you begin to create or install then, you end up with say Canson - "BLANK" as a paper choice in the driver. By choosing that paper choice, you will automatically set your driver to the correct parameters for it.


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