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it's not too surprising

Well, the Sony F828 sensor is twice the size of the HS50 (60mm sq. vs 30mm sq.), so it seems that 10 years of innovation, minus a switch to CMOS tech, has not made up for a 1 stop difference in sensor size.

CMOS is generally a detriment to image quality.  It combines 3 functions (charge collection, charge amplification, analog to digital conversion) into one chip, instead of separating the stages into different 3 different chips, as in a CCD system.  Fewer chips benefits power consumption (1 chips is easier to power than 3 chips), manufacturing cost (yay profits, IQ be darned), and sensor readout bandwidth (so we have tons of 1080p recording devices now and the ability to shoot 10fps at 12MP).

So, even if we have reached the point where CCD and CMOS have reached parity, there's still the fact that there's a 1 stop difference in size.  Just keeping things in perspective.  It would be interesting to see a comparison with double the ISO on the sony, just to be fair

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