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Some earned praise for Sony focus peaking

I have to partially correct some of my statements without resiling from them.

When attending a children's basketball game I used several cameras.

The nature of the exercise was to get some "family snaps" and not to get quality sports images.

All cameras were manual focus.

The Pentax Q was fitted with an Elitar Soligor 38mm f1.9 D mount lens.  On the Q this translates to an effective 212mm f1.9 prime and is a mightly powerful compact package - it worked quite well at for full length body shots at the other end of the court - focus peaking always on and unmagnified screen made focus easy at that distance.  Useless any closer as you don't need close up head shots ....

The GXR-M was fitted with a M42 adapter and an aus-Jena Zeiss 50mm f2.0 Pancolour lens.  Here the Mode2 focus was "too precise" an I spent a bit of time guessing precise focus point whilst still using the focus peaking as the action moved from one end of the court to the other.  It would have been better if I had used mode1 and used the ripple-effect to follow focus.  Nevertheless it was do-able.

The Sony NEX6 was fitted with the RJ electronic adapter and a Canon EF 50mm f1.2, effective 75mm.  I used it in MF and also battled movement blur with f2.8 and f4.0 to try and ramp up a bit of extra dof.  In this instance the Sony tilt lcd worked well and in unmagnified view the "ink blot" thickness of focus peaking actually helped.  perhaps not as precise that way but I was able to follow focus fairly well and used the dof I could squeeze out of the smaller aperture to make up for slight inaccuracies of focus.  The end result was a fair number of acceptable images.  Possibly a slighty higher "hit rate" than I was getting off the GXR combination.

The Sony version of focus peaking does give a forum of riple effect as you change focus but it is neither as pronouced or so "durn purty" as that on the Ricoh.  I am talking myself back into using Ricoh Mode1 again, when I first discovered the ripple effect I had to play with it for some time adjusting apertures and moving the focus ring just to see that highlight ripple backwards and forwards on the screen.  Pretty all right.

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