Thank you for all your advises I have truly appreciated them! But I'm leaving now.

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Re: Thank you for all your advises I have truly appreciated them! But I'm leaving now.

That is a quite interresting algorithm.

Congratuations for your GH3 - that is not a bad choice.

But for others who like to run through the algorithm I would suggest one change:

If you are not buying that additional lens after step 2, in the end effect you are selecting your system by the current TOP camera of the system + kit lens.

So its necessary to buy the camera and that additional lens, and you are not satisfied, then you have to sell a expensive camera + a expensive lens. That is not optimal. This should perhaps a 2 step buy-test-buy-test-process.

In addition to that, forums are quite good to learn to use the equipment you have.

Stepside wrote:

My camera buying strategy. Or my: I want to make photos, manifesto
(for those off us who don't earn a living making pictures...............)

About equipment
1.  Read everything there is to read, even forums like this one
2. Talk to everyone there is to talk to (about cameras)

Make a purchase based on your acquired fragile knowledge  It will probably be the wrong one, but your learning. Buy one extra lens if you absolutely have to, maybe not the most expensive.........

Are you happy? Go to 3. Not happy with your choices? Read on.

Sell your camera (and maybe/probabaly lenses) you will lose money Photography as a hobby or semi prointerest, is not about making money).

Go back to 1 and 2

Make a new purchase based on your not so fragile knowledge, and stick with it. Read on.

3. Buy the best lenses, not the best you can afford, buy the best, If you cant afford them save. Be very clear about what you really need. No one, that's not professional, NEEDS more then 3 lenses (maybe 4..................)

Stop reading forums like this one, don't read tests of new hardware  don't buy magazines that contains reviews of equipment (types)  you already have!...............

Make photos, make pictures....make art....even make what you like the best ..

When your camera breaks, go back to 1, but this time, only read about what camera fits your lenses!

Exceptions to the rule:
If you buy a big heavy DSLR like Nikon 800 or Canon 5D you are permitted to buy one decent compact, NOT RX1, its to expensive , buy RX100 (to give you an example).


This his is what I will do from this very moment! I will not read any forums. I will not read DP, image resources. I will not read about equipment on the net and in magazines. 
I found the camera that's perfect for my needs and now I will use my time to make the best I can.
The camera I/you have chosen will serve us well in doing just that. Its not relay about technology  in today's digital photography.

You don't have to thank me for these advises. I know it will save you TIME and MONEY, it WILL make you able to produce lovely and interesting pictures in the long run. Its even ecologic...

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