DP2M unsuitable for non-caucasians

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Re: The OP may have a point...

In old times (very old) some doctors used cameras for diagnosis . Camera would accentuate differences in skinn color which  human eye could not differentiate. If i am not mistaken first time it happened when photographer saw spots on the portret of a person and could not figure out were they came from. And couple of weeks later person whose portret it was died from smallpox....

Mk7 wrote:

I wouldn't go so far to say it's "unsuitable".  I will say that under a couple of specific circumstances, I've gotten weird color spots from the Foveon sensor.  For example, on a DP2 portrait of a medium-dark brown-skinned person, with low angle sunset side lighting and a pop of fill flash.  There were a couple of spots on the facial skin that were slightly irritated or dry.  The small patches of skin were ever so slightly reddish-brown to the human eye, on close inspection.  But in the image, under the condition outlined above, the small spots were orange-ish in color. This happened in the same spots on repeated shots.  I haven't done many portraits, but I do think the "flaw" is due to the nature of the sensor.

Have any Caucasians out there had the same result? Who knows if it would be visible if, for example, the lighting hadn't been mixed (the subject was about 5 ft from the soft flash).  Most likely a much rarer phenomenon than Fuji orbs, anyway. 

I can't post the pic (privacy).  Even though the portrait subject is very attractive, the crop of the area in question (typical Foveon detail) isn't the most attractive, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Should I do more experimentation?

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