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Re: Let's try reading comprehension!

Matthew Miller wrote:

He very clearly says that their customer research — "lots of research" — into the existing Pentax user base shows that people want continued improvements which play to Pentax's strengths.--

It seems odd to assume that Pentax customers would be any different than Nikon's or Canon's in this regard, doesn't it? Obviously, not all of Nikon's or Canon's customers want FF, and just as obvious the one's that do want FF, aren't in the majority or even close to it. So why are we surprised this is true for Pentax as well? Why is he surprised by this? And why does it take "lots"of marketing research to confirm this? The only response his comment should invoke is "Duh!".

Just as much a "Duh!" is that Pentax is going to have to do something new to attract new customers. Doing the same thing they have always done isn't going to get them to the #3 position or probably even keep them in business much longer.

Thank you

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