Panasonic Lumix FZ47 vrs Lumix GF1?

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Panasonic Lumix FZ47 vrs Lumix GF1?

We have a couple of ultra small Lumix DMC-FS3's 8mp 33-100mm 2.8-5.1
I love these as they are easy to carry in a pocket and the quality is great for their size. I have one at work and one at home.
About a year ago I sold my Lumix FZ7 and I got a Lumix FZ47 25-600mm f2.8-5.2 and I really like this camera, though it isn't as compact or convenient as the smaller FS3's we own, the picture quality is much better and it takes great AVCHD stereo movies as well. It has loads of features.
Last week I got a "I couldn't pass it up" deal on a Lumix GF1 4-thirds SLR with the viewfinder accessory in pristine condition and I just bought a new Lumix G 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 zoom for it. Cost for everything was only $250 and am just now playing around with it.
I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or the FZ47 I know it's going to be a matter of using them both for awhile to decide, but I thought it would be interesting to get everyone's input.
I've found with the FZ47 the huge zoom range isn't actually that important to me, the Lumix FS3's 33-100mm has always been adequate so I suspect with the GF1 at 28-84mm f3.5-5.6 I won't be probably buying a longer zoom in the future.
The prospect of a brighter lens like the Lumix G 40mm 1.7 is a very attractive future option for the GF1 as the FZ47 is only f2.8 at 33mm, but it is brighter than the GF1's f3.5 at 40mm with the kit zoom.
The GF1 is not that much smaller than the FZ47 with the kit zoom I got.
My question is more about the quality of the photos from these two cameras compared... what do you think? The GF1 does, of course, have RAW, the FZ47 does not, (but it's brother the FZ150 does)

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