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Re: Playing in the dark???

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69chevy wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

String wrote:

And you are not going to shoot hockey at 1/2000 and f5.6 on any current camera.

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A few years ago ISO800 was the highest acceptable ISO for many shots.  ISO3200 on my camera today looks as good if not better.  So I can use F/5.6 where older cameras (and even some very recent ones need F/2.8.

So if you need ISO 6400 and f2.8 (like I do for basketball) do you just go home?

Wow, that is one dark gym or you rely too much on super fast shutter speeds.

Wrong on both accounts. I shoot in 20+ gyms a year. At least 5 require 2.8 @ 6400.

I keep the SS between 1/500th and 1/800th to keep from having blurry photos. If you believe this to be "super fast,  maybe you should try it... (If you think the girls blurry foot is cool thats ok, but it wouldn't get past my small town newspaper editor.)

I've shot indoor soccer at ISO3200 and ISO6400 at F/5+ in pretty poor lighting.

Good for you! Is this soccer match always two little girls, or do you also shoot 18 year old boys who are literally twice as fast at 1/250th?

Here is a quick jpeg with zero post processing.


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