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Re: My take on this ......... again ..

emem wrote:

So let me just get this straight in my mind - we have a guy in Romania taking a guy in Australia to task for commenting on the recent public comments of an executive VP of an American company? And I'm sure others (such as myself) contributing to this thread are not in the USA either. Very odd.

I've recently made a couple of posts in similar (full frame/35mm) type of threads and I don't want to flog a dead horse but here's my take on this - again.

There are undoubtedly Pentax users who would love a Pentax full frame affordable body but I believe it's a minority. Some want a full frame simply because it's the current "holy grail". I've glibly suggested previously that 90% of Pentax shooters are happy with APS-C. The number just came out of my head and I can't substantiate it, but I feel strongly that I'm right.

This, as various contributors are at pains to point out from time to time, is a gear forum. It is hardly surprising that quite a large proportion go on about full frame. But honestly, I wonder how many unique contributors there are to this (Pentax SLR Talk) forum in, say, a month? A hundred? Two hundred? Of those how many are looking forward to a full frame purchase in the near future? 10%? 20%? I figure it's not really very many. Our local camera club has well over a hundred members with 80 or so regularly attending meetings (not many Pentax shooters admittedly). Neighbouring suburbs also have very healthy clubs. Enquiries reveal that while many of these camera club members are quite familiar with DPReview, few of them are regular contributors or even particularly regular browsers. And why is this, I've asked myself? My conclusion is that active members of camera clubs are actually photographers. Very few are true gearheads. They're too busy taking and processing and printing and exhibiting their photographs - because they're photographers. Here in this rarified atmosphere of the "gear centric" forum, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that we represent the majority of Pentax photography people. But we really don't.

In the last 6 or so years I've spent well upwards of $10K on my photography gear. Most of my lenses suit APS-C, not full frame. If I stick with APS-C I can upgrade to a new body and maybe spend a few dollars on a lens for around $2K to $2.5K - if I had to transfer everything to FF I'd need to find $5K to $7K at least. For a relatively slight improvement in IQ, why would I do that?

So in summary, if you're a professional photographer, a moderately well off photographer or a very committed gear orientated photographer, go for it. But if you stay with your APS-C gear I'm sure you'll be able to turn out images virtually every bit as good and every bit as satisfying as the FF converts.

Well said Mike

This is not the only gear thread around dpreview where new product is demanded, quite loudly and in strident tones, with no commitment to actually buy what is produced.  Many, if not most, that are demanding that a camera company make something radical - make it with the reserved right to pick over it's bones once made with no real commitment to assuredly buy once it arrives.  "Too expensive", "example images not good enough", "I like something else better", "etc".  Therefore the manufacturer cannot really be guided by rants that if they make such and such it si sure to be an instant success even though "I" might not buy one even though I presently think that the cheap but very desirable camera in my imagination will suit me perfectly.  Maybe if everyone that wanted a FF camera body were to lodge a 50% deposit up front today with Pentax they might be more sure that they could produce one and actually find enough that would really buy the product?  Once it hit 10,000 deposits taken then Pentax might be very happy to roll out the product.  Mmmm - perhaps not quite enough?

Of course there is the ultimate "blackmail", if you don't make me a suitable marble I am going to sell all my other marbles and buy a skipping rope .... (grin). As if any company comtemplating what can be a multi-million dollar poke in the dark in the pious hope that they could turn a profit should care.

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