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Lets do another perspective.  I was a film K mount user, but migrated to Canon EF when film was still king but did buy a K100 years ago to use with my old K-mount lenses and I did buy a couple of pancakes to go with it just for laughs.  Worked well, but I had invested in a heavyweight suite of Canon EF lenses and multiple Canon dslr bodies including a 30D and 50D and 5D then I stopped, not wishing to push dslr bodies any further.  No point I had to get off the dslr body merry-go-round somewhere.

The question here is "FF or bust".  In reality the aps-c bodies provide a continuing utility,  I have no problem taking the three bodies for a jaunt.  When the aps-c suits best I use them, the FF has it's place.  Surprisingly I am still very fond of the 30D and the 50D offers no real reason to completely dump the perfectly capable 30D in practical use.  My 5D is used as much to correct focal length of the lenses attached as for it's extra quality.

I don't really get my head around why it is so necessary to feel that it is essential to dump a perfectly good aps-c body for a FF one.  If the FF Pentax dslr arrives there will still be room to use an aps-c body.  Think of the FF as a useful addition and not a replacement and the matter has a better perspective.  There will be those that absolutely need a FF camera body for their purpose but there might be others who (sensibly) see room for both.  Certainly the aps-c body is not going to stop taking images as good as it does today just because a FF body miraculously appears riding bravely to the rescue of all less than perfect images.

Throw away the exif data and hide the file size and a committee of experts might struggle to say which body took what, but then perhaps I am not expert enough to properly use a FF sensor to know any better?

And still I say "yes" that a FF sensor Pentax dslr would be useful, a nice supplement to my very useful aps-c Pentax body if I had the lens stock to use both to full advantage.

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