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Zvonimir Tosic
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So why do you post on DPR at all?

Matthew Miller wrote:

To put it another way: Internet camera forums are a bubble, or an echo chamber, where ideas bounce around and escalate. Armchair CEOing without real data is hard enough, but doing it from within this Internet echo space is even harder, because it sure seems like there's so much evidence here that we must have an accurate picture of the marketplace.

It may be that echo chamber happens to be actually right, but there's no real way of telling except for actual widespread research — which we don't have.

Maybe Pentax's research is wrong too, in other ways. Maybe the new VP has a secret agenda and is actually lying to us. Definitely possibilities. But more tempests inside this particular teapot aren't really going to do anything.

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Matthew Miller « http://mattdm.org/ »

If everything is a teapot and everyone has an agenda, when all of us are agents of whatever force in disguise, then why we post on DPR at all? Why do we read anything here?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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