A99 viewfinder - please help

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Re: A99 viewfinder - please help

I'm surprised by all the naysayers - EVFs have a fixed maximum brightness, and it's far short of matching very bright sunlight conditions. Doesn't really matter what make you check it on, all EVFs can in many conditions look dark generally, or have no real detail visible in the three-quarter to shadow tones. The A99 is no worse than others, but none of them to date could be called good compared to an unimpeded OVF (like the A900 for example - don't compare with something like a Nikon D600, as this has a surprisingly dense LCD overlay screen and is about half the brightness of the Sony A900 finder - which is still the brightest optical prism full frame finder ever made.

Since no other optical finder, even those of the Canon 1D series, matches the brightness of the A900 it's hardly surprising this is quoted when trying to come to terms with the dim, contrasty view given by the A99 for any typical user in sunny conditions.

I've just spent a day shooting in Morocco with the A99. At times it was a trial - a poor tool for the task - and at other times a real delight. Ay sunset, I saw a TV crew aiming for the same scene as me, and the camera operator had a large foil blanket covering the entire camera and himself. This was partly to keep everything cool - the silver reflecting the heat - and partly to let him see his monitor screen properly. In this light, you can barely see anything on an LCD screen. The EVF is better than the rear screen. But, you are still trusting experience to tell you that the raw file captures FAR more shadow detail than the EVF ever shows - and the histogram display is invaluable.


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