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Yep, in 1:1 pixel for pixel view you do see a slight improvement with M DR 100 but it wouldn't be apparent in a 7.5x10 print, and if you do a resize to 1600x1000 you really cant detect the difference between the two.

You also make a really good point about low light scenes having higher contrast- making M DR 400 even more useful.  Another thing that can be used to bolster this argument is the fact that all cameras have reduced DR as you increase the ISO- therefore boosting the DR becomes even more important, and Fuji's hardware-based DR boost is invaluable because it is the only way to boost DR without further compounding the noise issues present with small sensors at higher ISO, especially in shadow areas.  So although it would be great to have as low a level of noise as possible at higher ISO, it turns out that more DR is actually much more important- and noise is also much easier to clean up with third party tools.  I notice that M size DR 400, although it may have slightly more noise than M size DR 100, still suppresses chroma noise really well, and that is the type of noise I find most annoying.  The type of noise left actually has a very film-like appearance, even with NR set to Low, and it's pretty easy to clean up

(I was obviously talking about my experiences with HS series cameras, which is why I mentioned NR Low- but the same seems to be the case with F series cameras, as per your extensive reviews, which prove that HS series NR Low is somewhat equivalent to F series NR.)

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