Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

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Re: Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

Jim Boutilier wrote:

First off, these are all great cameras and are capable of excellent image quality for their size.  I love small cameras with great image quality and have owned quite a few over the years.  My main camera is an EM5 these days but I have an X10 and RX100 as compact options.

My personal choice, due to its combination of pocketability and image quality is the RX100.  It has a great lens (if a little slow on the long side) and super high resolution.  It has decent low light capability and is truly pocketable.  The creative control is pretty good but its auto modes are quite good too.  It offers RAW.  It's very quick into actin  with fast startup and no manual lens cap.  Overall simple and effective.  Built in flash is pretty low power and no external flash option. No viewfinder option but screen is most viewable of any I've seen in bright light.

But small things like how the camera feels to you, or how intuitive you find it's controls, or how it's particular strengths or weaknesses bump up against your most common usage can make much more difference than the theoretical maximum image quality or other individual items on a spec sheet.

Research and advice might help narrow your choices, but you'll want to try one or more to make your final decision.

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Thanks Jim for a very well thought out answer. I agree, I think all of these will do the job. It will probably come down to which one feels comfortable and doesn't get in the way of itself when I'm trying to take photos.

I'm curious since you have the X10, which I believe is fairly similar to the X20, any thoughts on the Fuji compared to the RX100?


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