My 1st Prime: 85 1.8G

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Re: My 1st Prime: 85 1.8G

Welcome to the joys and frustrations of narrow depth of field photography, and a good start, at first it is always surprising how small the depth of field is especially when you get too close, and an on line depth of field calculator is a really handy tool. I started with the 50mm 1.4D and now find the 85mm 1.4 easier to use.

Apart from flowers it is useful in portrait photography, and I think helps people to think more creatively, although you can spend hours trying to get a good result.

One technique I use is to capture some colourful flowers in the background which makes the blur look more interesting. Also try f2.8 and alter subject distance, to increase DOF.

If you get a chance try out the 85 1.4's the D version gives a very similar blur to the Canon 1.2L looking at the photo-zone tests. (those blurry corners are there for a good reason.) it becomes sharp even in the corners at landscape apertures, although it is always sharper in the centre.


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