A99 viewfinder - please help

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Re: A99 viewfinder - please help

Okay so there are few tricks! For the rest I probably just have to try to get used to it....

Greetings, Fabian

I wear glasses and I have been using an EVF since 2003 with a short break using the Sony a550 two years ago.  I have not looked through the EVF of the a99 though.  In my experience EVFs do appear to be dim in bright sunlight like at the beach on a cloudless day.  I am not sure whether what you are describing is that normal effect or something different.  Nevertheless,  I will comment that I learned to never leave without a "ball-cap" or sun visor.  I usually use a sun visor.  The bill of whichever one you select should have a dark colored underside.  Dark blue, green, or black works well for me.   When there is bright light coming from the left or right the cap of the bill should be rotated so that it blocks the incoming light.  Using this simple step I have never had a problem using an EVF in bright light.  You do see further improvements taking off your glasses but I have never had to do that with my a77.  In fact for me as a glasses wearer the EVF of the a77 is much better than the a550 OVF.

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