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Re: F900EXR - I'm in love

Richard Southworth wrote:

From what I know of DR adjustments I'd just as soon have none, it generally involves forcing the ISO artificially higher (causing a lower total exposure) to protect the highlights, and then amplifying up the shadows and mid-tones, a sure-fire way to increase noise.

That is true in high resolution modes, yes. But in medium resolution modes, including EXR DR and SN modes. the pixel pairs in the sensor are combined either 2=>1 as with SN or on a curve to compress the dynamic range as in DR400 (2 stops) or DR200 (1 stop) ... the thing is, with the blend modes you still get a considerable improvement in noise handling.

It may be of value shooting jpeg when one doesn't want to fool around with post-processing, but for a raw workflow it's of little or no value IMO, if I want to protect the highlights I'll just dial in some negative exposure compensation.

You have some reading to do to understand EXR technology, because you are talking about every camera except for EXR based cameras.

Suggest you start here: Nothing Special: How to Shoot an EXR Camera

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