Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

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Re: Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

Chatokun wrote:

I have a GF3 + 14mm and a LX7. The LX7 gets more use if I want to be pocket/portable. It doesn't fit in every pocket either, but the quality is nice, and now that I have the fl300r I might try bringing that around with it to and see how I do. I like shots up to 800 personally, 3200 has too much chroma noise and banding for me, and 1600 I'm not sold on yet. I should probably try it a bit more before ruling it out.

It has some pretty nice video settings, Pany is pretty good at this. It has a nice OIS also. I haven't used the RX100 to compare, but I was already used to Pany's layout, and I like the choices and settings you can make on it(like min shutter speed, custom modes, etc). I've heard some complaints about the ergonomics and um... word fails me, but the way it feels to use the camera, but that's all personal choice, so you'd have to compare them.

Here is a shot I made in pretty bad light. Obviously, this was processed, but I had to bring up the exposure some, and then switched it to a cool tones filter. I like how it came out:

In Outback, across the table, no flash.

I used the flash a few times also, but it was very bright at that distance, I didn't get good results until I dropped it down to -2 compensation.

I couldn't try the LX-7 today because the store's battery was dead. That said, if the LX-7 is similar to the XZ-2 for low light, I would think that ISO 1600 is actually useable. I definitely wouldn't think twice about shooting at 1600 if I was going to convert to B&W.


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