Does anyone care about moire?

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Re: You're so transparent Stacey...

JimPearce wrote:

Wildlife photographers buy the D7100 for the autofocus capability and want the resolution as much for reach as for large prints

Then they would likely see an improvement.

What I see is people here saying things along the lines of "Everyone will see a marked improvement from this upgrade and need this extra resolution" "It crushes the IQ of the D7000 or any other aps camera" etc when for many people, it's simply not true. If I'm not seeing this huge difference between a 5MP and a 16MP in my use, would another 8MP over 16MP somehow now show up in my prints? I doubt it.

If I shot BIF or other types of wildlife, it might be an upgrade. If I was having issues with the AF on the D7000 being up to the task, it would probably be an improvement. For what I shoot and my output it isn't worth buying.

On this whole lack of AA filter, I still believe the output that most people have, having an AA filter isn't going to negatively impact their images. From what I've read, only under VERY specific conditions can the 800E reap the extra resolution it's technically capable of and can't imagine these same conditions don't apply to APS sensor cameras.

Another person summarized it better than I can "If you want great pictures, get the regular D800. If you're a pixel-counting nut who spends more time looking at your photos at 100% on a computer screen than seeing your work in print or on gallery walls, get the D800E."

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